Sunday, April 17, 2011

American Woodcock

This bird is one of our earliest returning migrants. As early as March, males begin the spectacular courtship flight by leaping from the ground and ascending in a widening spiral to about 300 feets, where he circles while singing and then begins his descent, zigzagging like a falling leaf.

Do you can find the American Woodcock in its perfect camouflage ?


  1. Really love that first shot Dominique

  2. Le camouflage de cet oiseau est effectivement impressionnant! Excellentes images Dom :)

  3. Merci beaucoup Dominic !
    Oui, ça m'a pris du temps avant de le voir !!

  4. Yes, I can and I always enjoy how nature hides creatures so beautifully. The top image is a great catch!

  5. Thank you very much, Mary !
    Yes, a lot of creatures use the camouflage and I'm always
    impress !

  6. C'est Tres Beau!!!!! Looking forward to reading your blog daily.....Love your work....

  7. Thank you very much Susan !!
    I love to share the beauty of nature with people !
    I'm very happy that you love my work !


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