Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Raccoon (Procyon lotor)

The raccoon shelters in woodchuck burrows, hollow trees or rock crevices.
The babies are raised by their mother. As soon as the young raccoons are strong enough to follow her, the mother takes them to the ponds and streamsides to hunt for food.


  1. Magnifique portrait, Dominic, Bravo pour la rencontre et la photo!

  2. Beautiful photograph of this pesky one. They are lovely creatures, but get themselves into oh so much trouble in homes around here, attics, chimneys... we hear all of the cute and not so cute stories. I have helped rehab young ones, and they are precious!

  3. Hello Dominique,
    I think the little raccoon very nice but here with us, these animals have become a big nuisance ... they come to town and plunder and ravage trash attics .. I have a link from You Tube .. is indeed in German but the pictures say it all ..


    regards Frank

    Hallo Dominique,
    ich finde die kleinen Waschbären sehr schön aber hier bei uns sind diese Tiere eine grosse Plage geworden... sie kommen in die Stadt und plündern Mülltonnen und verwüsten Dachböden.. ich habe hier ein Link von You Tube .. der ist zwar auf Deutsch aber die Bilder sagen alles..


    Grüsse Frank


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