Saturday, June 2, 2012

Red fox (Vulpes vulpes)

Red fox pups spend most of their daylight hours playing near the entrance to their den. As the pups grow older, the parents bring food that is still alive, teaching the young to kill for themselves.


  1. Hello Dominique,
    super nice ... behave like the little puppy dogs romp and play ... all day .. you've seen very nice ....
    regards Frank

  2. Formidables scènes de tendresse, si bien saisies!
    Nos Félicitations!

  3. Beautiful images of the little Fox kits! Sadly we have had 2 killed near us in past couple of weeks. The momma is not doing a very good job at keeping up with them, when they try and cross the country lane~

  4. Wonderful series :) I especially love the 2nd photo, well seen, good focus and details - really good work!

  5. The red fox cubs are beautiful thank you for sharing them with us


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