Friday, July 5, 2013

Luna Moth emergence (Actias luna)

The caterpillar weaves its cocoon among dead leaves. The caterpillar transforms into a chrysalis inside its cocoon and hibernates until the next
spring. The butterfly emerges in mid-May.


  1. L'émergence c'est toujours impressionnant et tendre à la fois, surtout avec un papillon aussi étrange et beau!
    Bravo pour le temps que tu as du y consacrer!

  2. Hi Dominique,
    it is always faszinierent what you are photographing for rare (in Germany) Animals ..
    To look super nice ..
    regards Frank

  3. Oh I do adore Luna Moths and I see them so infrequently. 2 years ago, I was mowing the yard and saw one. I dashed to the house to grab my camera and I guess that I had somehow startled it and it flew higher into the tree. I could see the wings, but never got the photograph. I think your image is wonderful. Happy week~

    BTW, I am thiknking that you may get more comments if you did not use word verification. You still manage the publication of your comments, but one can move more easily through the process. I quite using it nearly a year ago and have been very happy with the results.


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