Friday, February 20, 2015

Water strider bugs - Question of the week no.11

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Subject of this week : Water strider bugs.
The predator is a Northern goshawk.

Test your knowledge
with the question of the week each Friday.
The answer will be released next Friday.
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  1. So the answer was that the Blue Jay warns other birds. I did not know and did so again learned something:-)
    Your question this week is how this animal glides across the water.
    This sleek animal has four big paws
    which the skates over the water.
    Donc, la réponse a été que le Geai bleu avertit autres oiseaux. Je ne sais pas et je ne ai donc appris quelque chose de nouveau:-)
    Votre question cette semaine est de savoir comment cet animal glisse sur l'eau.
    Cet animal élégant dispose de quatre grosses pattes
    qui les patins sur l'eau.

    Salutations, Helma


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