Friday, August 12, 2016

Last episode - Question of the week no. 84

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  1. Hi Dominique,
    a pity that this series of "question of the week" never arrives. Also very unfortunate that so few visitors see this beautiful series. I learned a lot the last time,.
    Thank you for all this beauty xx
    Salut Dominique,
    dommage que cette série de «question de la semaine" arrive jamais. Il est également très regrettable que si peu de visiteurs de voir cette belle série. J'ai beaucoup appris la dernière fois,.
    Je vous remercie de toute cette beauté xx

    1. You're welcome Helma ! I am preparing a new project which started shooting it 2 years ago. I now work in editing and I will do the unveiling in January 2017 and it will be released in April 2017.
      I continue to broadcast short films regularly but not necessarily every Sunday. Thank you Helma !!


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