Thursday, October 31, 2013

Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus)

The Eastern Chipmunk hibernates in the winter.
At autumn, the Eastern Chipmunk collect and store large quantities of
seeds in his burrow.
With the onset of winter in the end of October, he disappear below ground.
This animal have expandable pouches in their cheek.
Each pouch can hold up to 33 kernels of dried corn.


  1. Such a cute little guy!
    WOW 33 kernels in each pouch!! HAHA!! Indeed the first pic is soooo funny!
    But I love n°2!
    Super Dom, j'adore!!
    Bizzz et bonne continuation!

  2. wow .. Dominique the images have again become very beautiful .. but the video is absolutely great ..
    regards Frank

  3. I hope my response has arrived Dominicque.
    I sent yesterday!

  4. My first reaction is not arrived, too bad.
    I wrote that I found this great pictures. So often you do not see. These small little rodent
    Sincerely, Helma

  5. What a little cutie and loading up, soon they take a long slumber...lovely~

  6. Very cute litlle one! Great serie ;)


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