Friday, March 28, 2014

Blue Jay frenzy !

The Blue Jay like the corn, suet and water but if you want to attract this bird in your backyard, offer peanuts, he absolutely loves it !


  1. Oh My Goodness, these are amazing, love them all. Make sure to share on Wild Bird Wednesday~

  2. Wow ....... belles photos de ce geai bleu Dominic.
    De belles couleurs, de belles compositions claires et belles. Mes compliments.
    Sincèrement, Helma
    Wow ....... beautiful pictures of this Blue Jay Dominic.
    Beautiful colors, beautiful clear and beautiful compositions. My compliments.
    Sincerely, Helma

  3. Hello Dominique,
    fantastic flight / fight scene ..
    the jays can be very angry when it comes to food
    regards Frank

  4. WOW! The video is superb. A feeding frenzy. No takers for the corn but the peanuts sure were a hit! Lovely to see these birds close up.

  5. incredible action images, wonderfully capturing both the action and the detail.


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